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John T. Cullen's revolutionary new theory of cosmology


Paradigm Shift: New Theory of Cosmology

by John T. Cullen

"I have not come to destroy the
Standard Model but to fulfill it."

Full Current Edition Free to Read: Please click on the cover to start reading my small volume describing my Exogravitation (Exograv) Theory. I'll describe how I happened upon these ideas, but ultimately let the work speak for itself.

With All Due Respect: I offer this free read in a spirit of friendly enthusiasm, humility, and intellectual honesty. I hope you are not inconvenienced by my intrusion. Please do not read or comment if the fundamental idea does not intrigue you, or if you don't have time to ponder these ideas. Your silence will be fully understood, appreciated, and accepted. Thank you for reading at least this far. Best wishes, JTC.

Back around 2006, I had an inspiration that the black box mystery called 'dark energy' (a push force that seems to come out of nowhere and violate laws of conservation) is actually a pull energy (gravitation) that does not violate any scientific laws. Instead of dark energy, I call it Exogravitation.

Exogravitation. The accelerating expansion of our cosmos is actually caused by the ambient, aggregate gravitational attraction of a larger external structure I call the Motherverse (meterverse1, hyperverse, whatever you want to call it). I have developed a complete, plausible, scientific theory2 that covers the entire process. My vision posits infinitely many universes outside of our own, among which our own is merely one tiny grain of sand (so to speak) on an infinite and eternal beach without beginning or end.

No agenda except science. To be absolutely clear: I have no axes to grind, whether religious, spiritual, political, or cultural. My devotion is 100% to Enlightenment-inspired, skeptical scientific inquiry based on logic, honesty, clear observation, and objective interpretation. Let my work speak for itself, if you have time and interest in reading it, and considering these points in their context. Thanks, and happy reading. JTC

ALSO AVAILABLE TO BUY: Free reading at will be for some time to come. Please note that the book, in all forms whether digital, print, or other, is intellectual property of John T. Cullen (note below), registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, and therefore protected under the Berne Convention across the world. That small but mighty book (56 pages in print) by John T. Cullen is now available for purchase at and other sites or stores. Visit for a fair, open-minded, honest, and objective reading. If you wish, the full book is available for purchase (print or e-book) as noted above. There is no tracking of any kind, so your visit is private. No strings attached. Please note that I have protected my intellectual property with a copyright registration at the U.S. Library of Congress. Thanks/JTC.


New Theory of Cosmology: Exogravitation

Redefining Dark Energy and Dark Matter; And Much More!

read entire text free (copyright registered) paradigm shift in cosmology



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1 Hellenic (Greek) for mother is meter; as in metropolis, 'mother-city.' Hyper- means 'over,' 'beyond.' Meta means, among other things, 'beyond' or 'beside.' I dubbed the larger structure, which contains infinitely many universes similar to our own, the Motherverse years ago, amid the heat of inventiveness. The terms all work just as well.

2 Call it theory, conjecture, hypothesis, or Gedankenexperiment (Thought Experiment). Whatever you want to call it, let the work speak for itself. Thanks.

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