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John T. Cullen's revolutionary new theory of cosmology


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History of Cosmology Overview

Part I: Introductions
Chapter 1: Crisis Among the Stars
Chapter 2: What Is Cosmology?

Part II: Ancient Orthodoxies &Amp; Heresies
Chapter 3: Ancient Greece: First Light
Chapter 4: Alexandria, Queen Of Learning
Chapter 5: The Late Roman World
Chapter 6: Transition

Part III: European Medieval Continuations
Chapter 7: The Middle Ages
Chapter 8: Renaissance (c1300-1500)
Chapter 9: Reformation, Counter-Reformation,
             Theological Attack Submarine
Chapter 10: Sack Of Rome, Early Modern Age

Part IV: Modern Whammies
Chapter 11: Newton, And The Modern Age
Chapter 12: 1900-1930: Triple Whammy, World In Turmoil
Chapter 13: First Whammy: Relativity
Chapter 14: Second Whammy: Hubble Universe
Chapter 15: Third Whammy: Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 16: Three Whammies, And The Big Bang
Chapter 17: The Primeval Atom

Part V: Today's Crisis Unavoidable
Chapter 18: Today's Crisis: Three Enigmas
Chapter 19: Dark Matter
Chapter 20: Accelerating Expansion

Part VI: A New Cosmology
Chapter 21: Prolog To A New Cosmology


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New Theory of Cosmology: Exogravitation

Obsolete: Engineering Black Box Term Dark Energy


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