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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SAFETY and SANITY. This is not a conspiracy theory, nor is it in any way beholden to supernatural tropes like creationism, black magic, disinformation, trolling, hacking, or the like. I gather no data, so you are anonymous. This is all Simple HTML, so it's about as safe from cybercrime and other evil as possible. If you buy a copy of my book(s), the transaction is safely handled at, where I have been an affiliate in good standing for twenty+ years. I have no sectarian or political axe to grind here. I am purely interested in conveying to you my startling insight into this crucial dilemma of modern scientific, academic cosmology. Ultimately, what matters is the logic itself. Think it through, find out for yourself, and ignore the extraneous trappings. As an added note, not only must we keep a stiff upper lip and mind the gap, but we must keep our sense of humor amid this very serious scientific material.

Is This Science? Yes. My Theory of Exogravitation is pure logic, based on the latest scientific knowledge from academic cosmology (study of the universe or cosmos, not to be confused with cosmetology, practiced by beauticians. I like to call it a thought experiment, in the tradition begun by Carl Friedrich Gauss' Gedankenexperimente (17771855) and continued by later thinkers like Alfred Einstein (1879-1955).

Is This a Scientific Paper? Yes, but unlike my History paper on the ancient Roman Sator Arepo inscription, I do not currently plan to add a bibliography. I may do that in the near future. I am aware of MLA style guidelines, but not strictly using them here. I prefer to think of this as a work of journalism, which is one of the fields in which I have professional experience and training. In that same vein, I have worked with MLA, NYT, Chicago, AP, and other style guides but prefer a combination of the best, including Strunk & White, Fowler's Usage, and more. A B.A. in English plus a varied background in modern European and Classical languages helps as well.

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